In September the grouplessons start again.

These group lessons cost 15 euro per person per lesson. Furthermore there is a single contribution of 20 euro for the course material. To have access to one of the advanced groups, you have to do an intake.


group 1 : beginners, twice a week,

Monday 17:00 h and Thursday 17:00 h,  starts September 14th


group 2: beginners, once a week,

Friday 19:00 h, starts September 18th


group 3: advanced, twice a week

Wednesday 17:00 h and Friday 17:00 h, starts september 16th


group 4: advanced, once a week

Thursday 19:00 h, starts september 17th


You can also make an appointment for private lessons. Private lessons costs 30 euros per lesson. If this is a problem, you can ask for subsidies at